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Are you trying to create an ESP32-based consumer product? Maybe you want to port an Arduino project to ESP-IDF? Or perhaps you’re just curious what it takes to make a production-grade ESP32 project. If so, you’re in the right place.

My name is Kevin, and I’ve spent the last several years building IoT products based on the ESP32. From personal experience I know what it takes to go from the proof-of-concept, Arduino stage to full production release. I’ve learned a ton about what it takes to build and launch a product. I have a deeper understanding of the pitfalls you can encounter and how to avoid them. I’ve learned lessons the hard way by making lots of mistakes. Lessons I now want to share with you.

There is a huge gap between an Arduino maker project and a consumer product. The learning curve is pretty steep and there are a lot of things that can trip you up along the way. However, despite their diverse applications and target audiences, I’ve discovered common threads across ESP32-based products.

Within the Espressif ecosystem, I’ve identified numerous pitfalls and bad practices that can get you in trouble and cost you money down the road. All which can be prevented with a little bit of insight.

Having logged countless hours “in the trenches” of the ESP-IDF dev environment, I’m eager to share the wealth of knowledge I’ve gained. I want to spare you weeks of valuable time and the potential financial pain of making costly mistakes.

So if you’re thinking of using or are using an ESP32 in a consumer-oriented product, I believe you’ll find immense value in becoming a part of this community. The current plan is to deliver weekly, actionable content with a primary focus on using the ESP32 in production.

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